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In traditional therapy, you’re paying this person,

and you save all your problems for them, and they just listen, and your friends who are idiots, give you advice. Unsolicited. And you want your friends just to listen.

And you want your therapist to give you advice.

– Phil Stutz

This is not your traditional therapy!

We are working together on your goals. I’ll put up my sleeves and go right in there with you. Whether it is recovering from your addiction, letting go of your trauma and empowering yourself, seeking new options for growth that lead to a fulfilled life, being in a need-satisfying relationship, or changing whatever it is that you believe is preventing you from living your best life. 

I believe in a multi-pronged approach to recovery from this powerful addiction. In my practice, I use a combination of therapeutic modalities to provide effective and holistic treatment. These modalities include Relational Gestalt Therapy, Choice Theory, Internal Family Systems, and 12-step spirituality. At times, I switch hats and put on my life coach hat to give you concrete tools to deal with difficult life challenges.

Together we will embark on a path to a fulfilled and happy life, free of the shackles of your addiction. Remember, addiction is just the symptom of an underlying issue that is not resolved


Let's get to work
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