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Twilight Sunset

My fear of abandonment is exceeded only by my terror of intimacy

– Ethlie Ann Vare

Clouds and Sunset


You meet someone for the first time and in a matter of minutes your mind creates an intoxicating movie about how you both will have a wonderful life together, filled with desire, passion, deep love and romance. And this happens over and over with many people you meet. And way too often it ends in tears of disappointment and hurt.


Falling in love can be so intoxicating that one can get addicted to this powerful feeling. Similar to sex addiction and other addictions, it is a symptom of unresolved issues that keep raising their ugly heads and falling in love has been a sure fire way to keep them under the surface.


Exploring them with curiosity, compassion and empathy can help you find more effective ways to deal with them and find fulfillment and happiness in a healthy romantic relationship.

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